One, nobody, one hundred thousand

settembre 25, 2008

Sometimes I can’t understand some pedagogical theory.

Perhaps I miss a background, but I absolutely don’t agree with the teacher of Levels in reflection, Henk Boer. He told us that to teach we need to know ourselves and, to do that, we have to know and to hear different opinions from other people. I don’t think so, because the other people can’t know us; in the society we are like “one, nobody, one hundred thousand”; the truth is relative and so I can’t know me through other opinions, because they are so far from me. I can know myself through my truth. For this motivation I agree with Hannah Arendt: she said that to know ourselves we need the “dialogue of two in one ”, in other words we can be judges of ourselves, we can be critics with our person and we have to do an interior dialogue to know who we are, what we want and where we are going.

It’s only an opinion, I really don’t know if it’s right, but I’m sure that there are lots of truths and that is mine.

The life is a stage set and we are the actors

The life is a stage set and we are the actors


3 commenti

  1. i need some english bases to understand this blog…and now, unluckly, i haven’t these bases…. so i don’t know how to say
    how to say “in bocca al lupo”?
    on the mouth of the wolf
    (i know, my english is very very worst)
    many many kisses ganji, answer me soon…
    andreeeeeeeeeeeew how are u?

  2. Ah lukì!
    Your english is worse than mine!!!
    Do you like my new blog?
    I want to work and to make it better, I want to do a spicy blog. Ahahah

  3. mmmm a spicy blog… very very very interesting… if u want i have some spicy news on my ghigi 2’s 35th apartment… in where i live 😀 ahahahah
    To the ones that will read these comments… i am not italian… i’m an english man that believe to be italian, this is the reason why i can’t write in english ahahahah
    ganji, this blog is very very interesting… if only i could understand your english posts ahahahaah


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