Angela Testa intervews herself

gennaio 12, 2009
Almost at the end of my Erasmus, today is 11th of January, I can finally answer to some questions.

Angela Testa interviews herself!

– What were your motivations to participate in a study exchange?

I had a lot of motivations.  I love to travel everywhere and discovered everything. I would like to be a journalist, and my curiosity brings me wherever it wants.
When I decided to participate to a study exchange I was moved by the wish to have different knowledge, to know different habit and ways of life.

– Why did you choose The Netherlands?

I love Netherlands. I was here, in Amsterdam, for the first time two years ago, on summer , and I fell immediately in love with it. I looked up the way to live of Dutch people and I dreamt to live here.
Then I thought that could be really nice to come here thanks to an Erasmus exchange, and I tried.
I had lots of expectations, I wanted study my subjects and have a professional growth, comparing my knowledge with Dutch way of communication.
When I discovered to have won the place for The Netherlands I was divided between tow different possibilities: Belgium and Netherlands. I could also go to Bruxelles, but I preferred to come here, even because of the language. In Bruxelles I would have to speak French, and even if know French, It’s much easier and more useful to speak English.
After 5 months I could say that I missed my goals, but I don’t’ regret my choise, because here I learnt a lot about life.

– In what is the life in The Netherlands different from Italy?

I can’t answer to this question, because I didn’t live like a Dutch person, but I lived in a surreal space and time. Erasmus life is a dream, in some way, you can forget about problems and live your life with happiness and joy.

–  What do you think about teachers/students relation here?

Wow, this is the most surprising thing. In Italy is totally different, we have class of 200 students, we can meet the teachers only once per week and the relations are very formal.
Here, we have had their telephone number and we could call them with the first name: impossible in Italy!!!

– What did you learn from the educational content that has been offered to you?

This is the bad side of my Erasmus experience. I learn nothing useful for my career, but in spite of this I learnt new things that have increase my background of knowledge.

– Are you satisfied by your choise?

Of course I am.
I could never regret.






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