Does erasmus experience change your life?

gennaio 12, 2009

Everybody asks me if it’s true that the Erasmus experience change the life.
I thought about this…
…and I think it doesn’t change the life, but for sure I’ll come back a bit different from five months ago.

Here I learnt a lot of things.
I understood that people let you down, but they do this only if you have expectations about them;
I learnt to accept people how they are;
I learnt that if you don’t ask you’ll receive;
I learnt that people could surprise you;
I learnt that people are not how they appear;
I understood that it’s really stupid to have prejudices;
I understood that simplicity is the best way towards happiness;
I understood that you never know what the life is preparing for you, but for sure it will be wonderful;
I learnt that a smile could be the best present that you can give and receive;
I understood that I can feel home even if I’m 2300 km far from home, because home is the place where you feel safety;
I learnt that you can love without demanding;
I understood that accepting people how they are is an important step towards forgiveness.

I learnt to love, to be happy in every situation and condition, to walk on my way in spite of obstacles.
I found serenity inside of me.



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