Five days – no energy!

gennaio 12, 2009

I’ m tired but happy, really happy.
Games, parties, creativity moments, fun, friends, Dutch people, children and alcohol: that was the camp.
But the last day, in the school I couldn’t forget the stupid question: “what am I doing here?”
In the school, with the children, it was very funny, but my feelings of  inadequateness were very strong, too much strong.
And I thought “this is not my place, I don‘t know what to do, I don‘t know why to do this”.
Fortunately Bernadet gave me a good news: there is a practice for me in a magazine!
Finally I’m going to do something for my career, something for me.
I’ m very happy for this!

Erasmus students + dutch students

Erasmus students + dutch students



dutch teachers

dutch teachers

But then, months later I knew that there was no place and I didn’t do my practice. Anyway I stopped to feel guilty because I wasn’t doing anything for ma career, because I understood that I was doing something for my personality, for my growth, for myself.



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