Italian protests

gennaio 12, 2009
Protest rome

Protest rome

For the first time someone asked us which kind of disadvantages we, Erasmus students, have here, and for the first time I thought what I really miss: off course my friends, not so much my family and unexpectedly the Italian society.
I’m constantly thinking that I’m missing an important historical period for my Country. In Italy, finally, something is changing: the people are protesting, the government doesn’t know what to do to reduce the strikes and it’s using the power to control the situation: police, army and threats. But this is not a solution.
I decided to come here also to escape from a sort of democracy that in reality is a dictatorship; the Italian political situation is vary bad: no space for free opinion, censorship and corruption. Bad things for someone who wants to be a journalist.
But now I really feel that people are woke up and I really would like to be there to protest, to be part of my Country, part of a new society.
But I’m here, to study something not interesting for me, to learn subject about school and children in the same moment in which Italian students and teachers are protesting against a stupid law that will change our educational system: only one teacher for primary school, less money for university, personnel cut, increasing taxes for the school and university…
I’m missing protest’s atmosphere. This situation makes me a little bit sad.



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