My Erasmus family

gennaio 12, 2009

It’s the moment to talk about my Erasmus’ family: people who lived this experience with me.
We lived in Nijmegen, in a student-complex called Vossenveld. We were 23 people on three different floors (1st, 2nd, 8th) plus 7 people from Arnhem.
We were always together: trips, parties, dinners, barbecue…

I’ve ever met as much as special  people like them. I learnt a lot from everybody, I love them a lot, I look up to all of them, I’ll miss them.

With them I felt like home, with lots of sisters and brothers, with mom Maja and dad Rober.
Joy, happiness, fun, love, brotherhood, friendship…they have been the strongest feelings everybody felt.

Rober: He’s special, lovely guy, very gentle an pure. From him I learnt that there’s always a hope.
Maja: She’s determined and bossy, but deep down she has a big and generous heart. Thanks to her I learnt to be diplomatic.
Barbara: I don’t have nothing to say, a part that I love her. She’s a bright flower in a dark forest. I learnt lots of things from her and I’ll bring with me her preceptions, for ever.
Mauro: The same as Barbara. I love him, I look up to him, I’m glad to have met him. Thanks to him I learnt to enjoy every moments and to be lively.
Teemu: He’s one of the most important for me. He’s Finnish and he’s like a  dream. From him I learnt that feelings are more important than sex.
Merete: Wonderful, lively, smiley, funny, crazy woman. I learnt that laughing is the best way to be happy.
Gokce: My favourite sister. Shy, but charismatic. Thanks to her I learnt that it’s really nice to compare ideas about wars, politic, history with a person from another country, with different culture.
Sauro and Chiara: marvellous people. From them I learnt that the silence is the best way to be in contact even if we are in the same room.
And than the rest: all special, all great, all awesome.

(Thanks to Alberto for the video)



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