What’s the meaning of life?

gennaio 12, 2009
Meaning of life

Meaning of life

What’s the meaning of life?
This hard question followed us for 5 days, during the tour to the west.
Everybody tried to answer. Someone said: “Live the life without asking everyday what‘s the mining of life”; and someone else: “Experience it very fully” and than “Take care of other people”, or “believe in a life after death and live to reach it”.
But is it really like this?
I think that everybody has the own meaning of life, but nobody knows it exactly.

My meaning of life is to love. I mean, not to be loved but to give love to everybody, unconditionally: it’s human being’s instinct.

But this could be a problem, because everybody could misunderstand and think that it’s not normal to love so much, only as a friend. But I’m like this, I like to be like this and I want to continue to love everybody in my own way.

Thanks to Erasmus, I met people like me, for example Barbara and Mauro.
I know that I can love them and show them my love. They are my family here.
Sometimes, when I felt alone they were with me, they brought me out from the sadness that I had at the beginning of the Erasmus, they made me happy and joyful.
They show me what’s the meaning of my life.
I’ll never stop to thank them.


17 commenti

  1. wow! wonderful post dear friend.

  2. Thanks for your opinion 🙂

  3. My definition is: To experience.

    Think about it, the opposite would mean that nothing would happen at all.

  4. life made for only spread love

  5. Life means love with out love we can’t live

  6. love is the foundation of everything we aim for in life. it is truly the meaning of life

  7. Hmm well if you stop to think about it does there have to be one.

  8. I read your opinion on your website and it made me think. Today I spoke to some guys in the jail and we talked about “What is truth?” and “Who says what truth really is?” I’m not here to argue, but since I read your opinion I was wondering if you would take the time to read my thoughts on the “Meaning of Life”. Please check out my website: http://www.soulseekersluke1910.blogspot.com.

    “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain!”
    Phil. 1:21

  9. God bless you! 😉

  10. what is life? its really a mystic thing.

  11. life is live for other’s
    and serve love…..

  12. Hi every body!!!
    Here You are! Elgar Loregross finaly found the real and hidden meaning of human lives!

    The Revelation of Eternity or hidden meaning of human lives

    Have you ever thought about why you become sick – why disasters, calamities and wars occur? Why you were born, who you are, and the purpose of your existence here on earth? Have you ever wondered about the truth – what it is and wherein it lies? By whom it is hidden and why?

    This first in a series of books elucidates on the hidden purpose of life on earth: on the origins and causes of disease and how to get rid of it: on the real meaning of the commandments and their true values, which until now have remained hidden and encrypted: on their inner sense and the direct impact in relation to diseases. In this book you will discover their hidden essence and its significance for the relationship between man and woman, parents and children and all that surrounds you. Human life is filled with questions to which we can find no answer or explanation. After reading this book, all that was incomprehensible will become understandable and manageable. It is time to raise the invisible curtain that has prevented us from revealing our true selves because our lives have been engulfed by problems, misery and diseases.

    This, the first book in the series “The Revelation of Eternity”, is going to revolutionise your view of the world. All that you hitherto have regarded as the basis of life will be crushed into insignificance.

  13. Hi every body!!!

    Every body talking about the Love! But, Love is God and God can not be known by human. So, what kind of love you have in mind?

    E. Loregross

  14. what is the meaning of life?

    • But you did not explain the main. How can mankind come to love, without disclosing the hidden meaning of life, about which so much detail in the book of Loregross? You wrote that everyone have to love. But how? This is the same as saying a person – be healsy! or please FLY! Human can’t have the Love if not disclos him self by the knowledge that a sorry is given only in the book of The Revelation of Eternity of E. Loregross.

  15. with out love theres no peace and without peace you have thing like war,world hunger more crime and soon the world we live self destruct from lack of love love is source of all things and starts with each individual to reach out and love one another:)word life

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