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Final considerations

gennaio 12, 2009

My portfolio has not a chronological order and every single post is not necessary connected with the previous one.
I chose to express my feelings and my opinions without closing them in an ordered box, but I left them free; for this motivation something could be not understandable, or at least not immediately understandable, but I prefer to express them how they are. They were born from a free mind and they should express what that mind wanted to say.

My portfolio is based on my feelings; it doesn’t talk about everything, about all the experiences, but only about those things that impressed my mind, that had a psychological importance in head, that gave me the opportunity to grow and to mature my critical thinking.

Erasmus experience made me changing and this is what I would like to convey.

Angela Testa.


Angela Testa intervews herself

gennaio 12, 2009
Almost at the end of my Erasmus, today is 11th of January, I can finally answer to some questions.

Angela Testa interviews herself!

– What were your motivations to participate in a study exchange?

I had a lot of motivations.  I love to travel everywhere and discovered everything. I would like to be a journalist, and my curiosity brings me wherever it wants.
When I decided to participate to a study exchange I was moved by the wish to have different knowledge, to know different habit and ways of life.

– Why did you choose The Netherlands?

I love Netherlands. I was here, in Amsterdam, for the first time two years ago, on summer , and I fell immediately in love with it. I looked up the way to live of Dutch people and I dreamt to live here.
Then I thought that could be really nice to come here thanks to an Erasmus exchange, and I tried.
I had lots of expectations, I wanted study my subjects and have a professional growth, comparing my knowledge with Dutch way of communication.
When I discovered to have won the place for The Netherlands I was divided between tow different possibilities: Belgium and Netherlands. I could also go to Bruxelles, but I preferred to come here, even because of the language. In Bruxelles I would have to speak French, and even if know French, It’s much easier and more useful to speak English.
After 5 months I could say that I missed my goals, but I don’t’ regret my choise, because here I learnt a lot about life.

– In what is the life in The Netherlands different from Italy?

I can’t answer to this question, because I didn’t live like a Dutch person, but I lived in a surreal space and time. Erasmus life is a dream, in some way, you can forget about problems and live your life with happiness and joy.

–  What do you think about teachers/students relation here?

Wow, this is the most surprising thing. In Italy is totally different, we have class of 200 students, we can meet the teachers only once per week and the relations are very formal.
Here, we have had their telephone number and we could call them with the first name: impossible in Italy!!!

– What did you learn from the educational content that has been offered to you?

This is the bad side of my Erasmus experience. I learn nothing useful for my career, but in spite of this I learnt new things that have increase my background of knowledge.

– Are you satisfied by your choise?

Of course I am.
I could never regret.





My Erasmus family

gennaio 12, 2009

It’s the moment to talk about my Erasmus’ family: people who lived this experience with me.
We lived in Nijmegen, in a student-complex called Vossenveld. We were 23 people on three different floors (1st, 2nd, 8th) plus 7 people from Arnhem.
We were always together: trips, parties, dinners, barbecue…

I’ve ever met as much as special  people like them. I learnt a lot from everybody, I love them a lot, I look up to all of them, I’ll miss them.

With them I felt like home, with lots of sisters and brothers, with mom Maja and dad Rober.
Joy, happiness, fun, love, brotherhood, friendship…they have been the strongest feelings everybody felt.

Rober: He’s special, lovely guy, very gentle an pure. From him I learnt that there’s always a hope.
Maja: She’s determined and bossy, but deep down she has a big and generous heart. Thanks to her I learnt to be diplomatic.
Barbara: I don’t have nothing to say, a part that I love her. She’s a bright flower in a dark forest. I learnt lots of things from her and I’ll bring with me her preceptions, for ever.
Mauro: The same as Barbara. I love him, I look up to him, I’m glad to have met him. Thanks to him I learnt to enjoy every moments and to be lively.
Teemu: He’s one of the most important for me. He’s Finnish and he’s like a  dream. From him I learnt that feelings are more important than sex.
Merete: Wonderful, lively, smiley, funny, crazy woman. I learnt that laughing is the best way to be happy.
Gokce: My favourite sister. Shy, but charismatic. Thanks to her I learnt that it’s really nice to compare ideas about wars, politic, history with a person from another country, with different culture.
Sauro and Chiara: marvellous people. From them I learnt that the silence is the best way to be in contact even if we are in the same room.
And than the rest: all special, all great, all awesome.

(Thanks to Alberto for the video)


Italian protests

gennaio 12, 2009
Protest rome

Protest rome

For the first time someone asked us which kind of disadvantages we, Erasmus students, have here, and for the first time I thought what I really miss: off course my friends, not so much my family and unexpectedly the Italian society.
I’m constantly thinking that I’m missing an important historical period for my Country. In Italy, finally, something is changing: the people are protesting, the government doesn’t know what to do to reduce the strikes and it’s using the power to control the situation: police, army and threats. But this is not a solution.
I decided to come here also to escape from a sort of democracy that in reality is a dictatorship; the Italian political situation is vary bad: no space for free opinion, censorship and corruption. Bad things for someone who wants to be a journalist.
But now I really feel that people are woke up and I really would like to be there to protest, to be part of my Country, part of a new society.
But I’m here, to study something not interesting for me, to learn subject about school and children in the same moment in which Italian students and teachers are protesting against a stupid law that will change our educational system: only one teacher for primary school, less money for university, personnel cut, increasing taxes for the school and university…
I’m missing protest’s atmosphere. This situation makes me a little bit sad.


Five days – no energy!

gennaio 12, 2009

I’ m tired but happy, really happy.
Games, parties, creativity moments, fun, friends, Dutch people, children and alcohol: that was the camp.
But the last day, in the school I couldn’t forget the stupid question: “what am I doing here?”
In the school, with the children, it was very funny, but my feelings of  inadequateness were very strong, too much strong.
And I thought “this is not my place, I don‘t know what to do, I don‘t know why to do this”.
Fortunately Bernadet gave me a good news: there is a practice for me in a magazine!
Finally I’m going to do something for my career, something for me.
I’ m very happy for this!

Erasmus students + dutch students

Erasmus students + dutch students



dutch teachers

dutch teachers

But then, months later I knew that there was no place and I didn’t do my practice. Anyway I stopped to feel guilty because I wasn’t doing anything for ma career, because I understood that I was doing something for my personality, for my growth, for myself.