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My Erasmus family

gennaio 12, 2009

It’s the moment to talk about my Erasmus’ family: people who lived this experience with me.
We lived in Nijmegen, in a student-complex called Vossenveld. We were 23 people on three different floors (1st, 2nd, 8th) plus 7 people from Arnhem.
We were always together: trips, parties, dinners, barbecue…

I’ve ever met as much as special  people like them. I learnt a lot from everybody, I love them a lot, I look up to all of them, I’ll miss them.

With them I felt like home, with lots of sisters and brothers, with mom Maja and dad Rober.
Joy, happiness, fun, love, brotherhood, friendship…they have been the strongest feelings everybody felt.

Rober: He’s special, lovely guy, very gentle an pure. From him I learnt that there’s always a hope.
Maja: She’s determined and bossy, but deep down she has a big and generous heart. Thanks to her I learnt to be diplomatic.
Barbara: I don’t have nothing to say, a part that I love her. She’s a bright flower in a dark forest. I learnt lots of things from her and I’ll bring with me her preceptions, for ever.
Mauro: The same as Barbara. I love him, I look up to him, I’m glad to have met him. Thanks to him I learnt to enjoy every moments and to be lively.
Teemu: He’s one of the most important for me. He’s Finnish and he’s like a  dream. From him I learnt that feelings are more important than sex.
Merete: Wonderful, lively, smiley, funny, crazy woman. I learnt that laughing is the best way to be happy.
Gokce: My favourite sister. Shy, but charismatic. Thanks to her I learnt that it’s really nice to compare ideas about wars, politic, history with a person from another country, with different culture.
Sauro and Chiara: marvellous people. From them I learnt that the silence is the best way to be in contact even if we are in the same room.
And than the rest: all special, all great, all awesome.

(Thanks to Alberto for the video)


Does erasmus experience change your life?

gennaio 12, 2009

Everybody asks me if it’s true that the Erasmus experience change the life.
I thought about this…
…and I think it doesn’t change the life, but for sure I’ll come back a bit different from five months ago.

Here I learnt a lot of things.
I understood that people let you down, but they do this only if you have expectations about them;
I learnt to accept people how they are;
I learnt that if you don’t ask you’ll receive;
I learnt that people could surprise you;
I learnt that people are not how they appear;
I understood that it’s really stupid to have prejudices;
I understood that simplicity is the best way towards happiness;
I understood that you never know what the life is preparing for you, but for sure it will be wonderful;
I learnt that a smile could be the best present that you can give and receive;
I understood that I can feel home even if I’m 2300 km far from home, because home is the place where you feel safety;
I learnt that you can love without demanding;
I understood that accepting people how they are is an important step towards forgiveness.

I learnt to love, to be happy in every situation and condition, to walk on my way in spite of obstacles.
I found serenity inside of me.


Erasmus experience

gennaio 12, 2009

Five months without writing…
…it’s too much for me.

Of course, I wrote something for myself and for this portfolio, but it’s different. I would like to write articles, reviews, essays… but I have no inspiration about any subject.
Instead, during these five months I wrote a lot about myself, my mental growth, my personal development and I discovered that when I write I can connect myself with the subconscious part of my soul.
In other words, it’s an inner dialogue that gives me another point of view on the reality.

Erasmus experience gave me the opportunity to analyse and understand myself. Maybe it wasn’t good for my future career, my professional growth and my studies, but it was really important for me as a person.

I’ll never regret to have done this experience an I’ll never forget any wonderful moment that I spent here in the Netherlands, with special people, magnificent environments and amazing atmospheres.

It’s the best experience of my whole and short life.


Dutch lessons

ottobre 4, 2008

Every Monday we, Erasmus students, meet Nicole Hurkmans, a very nice woman who teaches us Dutch language and culture.

I like to study Dutch!

I studied at the linguistic high school and I learnt English, French and just a little bit of German. I love to learn different kind of langueges and Dutch, now, will be one more in my background. I think that Dutch language is very similar to German language for pronounciation, some rule and some word as well, so it’s not so difficult for me…I hope!