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Angela Testa intervews herself

gennaio 12, 2009
Almost at the end of my Erasmus, today is 11th of January, I can finally answer to some questions.

Angela Testa interviews herself!

– What were your motivations to participate in a study exchange?

I had a lot of motivations.  I love to travel everywhere and discovered everything. I would like to be a journalist, and my curiosity brings me wherever it wants.
When I decided to participate to a study exchange I was moved by the wish to have different knowledge, to know different habit and ways of life.

– Why did you choose The Netherlands?

I love Netherlands. I was here, in Amsterdam, for the first time two years ago, on summer , and I fell immediately in love with it. I looked up the way to live of Dutch people and I dreamt to live here.
Then I thought that could be really nice to come here thanks to an Erasmus exchange, and I tried.
I had lots of expectations, I wanted study my subjects and have a professional growth, comparing my knowledge with Dutch way of communication.
When I discovered to have won the place for The Netherlands I was divided between tow different possibilities: Belgium and Netherlands. I could also go to Bruxelles, but I preferred to come here, even because of the language. In Bruxelles I would have to speak French, and even if know French, It’s much easier and more useful to speak English.
After 5 months I could say that I missed my goals, but I don’t’ regret my choise, because here I learnt a lot about life.

– In what is the life in The Netherlands different from Italy?

I can’t answer to this question, because I didn’t live like a Dutch person, but I lived in a surreal space and time. Erasmus life is a dream, in some way, you can forget about problems and live your life with happiness and joy.

–  What do you think about teachers/students relation here?

Wow, this is the most surprising thing. In Italy is totally different, we have class of 200 students, we can meet the teachers only once per week and the relations are very formal.
Here, we have had their telephone number and we could call them with the first name: impossible in Italy!!!

– What did you learn from the educational content that has been offered to you?

This is the bad side of my Erasmus experience. I learn nothing useful for my career, but in spite of this I learnt new things that have increase my background of knowledge.

– Are you satisfied by your choise?

Of course I am.
I could never regret.





What’s the meaning of life?

gennaio 12, 2009
Meaning of life

Meaning of life

What’s the meaning of life?
This hard question followed us for 5 days, during the tour to the west.
Everybody tried to answer. Someone said: “Live the life without asking everyday what‘s the mining of life”; and someone else: “Experience it very fully” and than “Take care of other people”, or “believe in a life after death and live to reach it”.
But is it really like this?
I think that everybody has the own meaning of life, but nobody knows it exactly.

My meaning of life is to love. I mean, not to be loved but to give love to everybody, unconditionally: it’s human being’s instinct.

But this could be a problem, because everybody could misunderstand and think that it’s not normal to love so much, only as a friend. But I’m like this, I like to be like this and I want to continue to love everybody in my own way.

Thanks to Erasmus, I met people like me, for example Barbara and Mauro.
I know that I can love them and show them my love. They are my family here.
Sometimes, when I felt alone they were with me, they brought me out from the sadness that I had at the beginning of the Erasmus, they made me happy and joyful.
They show me what’s the meaning of my life.
I’ll never stop to thank them.


Cold war

gennaio 12, 2009

In the first lesson of iEARN, with Roland Kok, we talked a little bit about Cold war.
Why it was called “cold war”?
The Cold War was the state of conflict, tension and competition that existed between the United State (US) and the Soviet Union (USSR) and their respective allies from the mid-1940s until 1989s, when was broken the Berlin wall. Throughout this period, rivalry between the two superpowers was expressed through military coalitions, propaganda, espionage, weapons development, industrial advances, and competitive technological development, for example the space race.
The most important feeling in that period was the fear. There was no war between the two superpowers, but only local wars between the allies, for example South Korea vs. North Korea, Vietnam vs. US, Afghanistan vs. USSR.
Everybody thought that it was the beginning of a new world war, fortunately the crisis was solved.
But now, if we analysed our historical period we could find almost the same situation, i.e. fear everywhere: fear to fly, fear to go in Muslim Countries, fear to meet new people, new cultures, fear of a nuclear war. And again the USA are part of this “conflict”.
There’s something wrong.
Why couldn’t we live in real situation of peace?
Why should we have fear everywhere, everyday, for everything?
We are in a period of cold war, again, but nobody wants admit it.
My sensation is that nobody wants to find a solution, every Country is searching out the strife. That’s the problem.


Italian protests

gennaio 12, 2009
Protest rome

Protest rome

For the first time someone asked us which kind of disadvantages we, Erasmus students, have here, and for the first time I thought what I really miss: off course my friends, not so much my family and unexpectedly the Italian society.
I’m constantly thinking that I’m missing an important historical period for my Country. In Italy, finally, something is changing: the people are protesting, the government doesn’t know what to do to reduce the strikes and it’s using the power to control the situation: police, army and threats. But this is not a solution.
I decided to come here also to escape from a sort of democracy that in reality is a dictatorship; the Italian political situation is vary bad: no space for free opinion, censorship and corruption. Bad things for someone who wants to be a journalist.
But now I really feel that people are woke up and I really would like to be there to protest, to be part of my Country, part of a new society.
But I’m here, to study something not interesting for me, to learn subject about school and children in the same moment in which Italian students and teachers are protesting against a stupid law that will change our educational system: only one teacher for primary school, less money for university, personnel cut, increasing taxes for the school and university…
I’m missing protest’s atmosphere. This situation makes me a little bit sad.


Convention on the rights of children, 1989

ottobre 29, 2008

Art. 7: Right of nationality:

1. The child shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right from birth to a name, the right to acquire a nationality and, as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by his or her parents.

2. States Parties shall ensure the implementation of these rights in accordance with their national law and their obligations under the relevant international instruments in this field, in particular where the child would otherwise be stateless.

Italy has signed this convention as well, but why doesn’t the government make it real?
I can’t understand!
A lot of gipsy people traditionally don’t register their children. In my opinion, the government must control that it doesn’t happen, instead in Italy our first minister Berlusconi decided that these people and children without nationality have to go away from the country. But, if they are stateless, where could they go? I think that Italian government has to register these people, all above the children, save them from the street and give them some hope for the future.
It’s a political opinion, I know, but the right part of our government is racist and I can’t accept this situation because it doesn’t represent myself.
Sometimes I feel ashamed to be Italian!


One, nobody, one hundred thousand

settembre 25, 2008

Sometimes I can’t understand some pedagogical theory.

Perhaps I miss a background, but I absolutely don’t agree with the teacher of Levels in reflection, Henk Boer. He told us that to teach we need to know ourselves and, to do that, we have to know and to hear different opinions from other people. I don’t think so, because the other people can’t know us; in the society we are like “one, nobody, one hundred thousand”; the truth is relative and so I can’t know me through other opinions, because they are so far from me. I can know myself through my truth. For this motivation I agree with Hannah Arendt: she said that to know ourselves we need the “dialogue of two in one ”, in other words we can be judges of ourselves, we can be critics with our person and we have to do an interior dialogue to know who we are, what we want and where we are going.

It’s only an opinion, I really don’t know if it’s right, but I’m sure that there are lots of truths and that is mine.

The life is a stage set and we are the actors

The life is a stage set and we are the actors